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Plant owners and operators need to ensure effective specification and installation of dust and fume control plant and to follow this through with professional operation and maintenance of the equipment. The better informed you are on these matters, the better you will be able to minimise the costs of complying with dust and fume control requirements.

By attending this important technical seminar you will have the opportunity to listen to and question respected industry experts presenting an extensive coverage of dust and fume control technologies.

Seminar Objectives

This seminar will enable participants to:

  • Review current and projected developments in the regulatory environment
  • Understand the range of problems for meeting dust and fume control requirements
  • Gain an overview of the whole subject of dust & fume control technology
  • Identify performance and maintenance principles of dust and fume control
  • Better assess proposals for solutions to specific problems
  • More effectively specify dust & fume performance requirements


Expected outcomes
As a result of taking part in this seminar participants will be able to:
improve their proposal specification; review the effectiveness of their current dust and fume control technologies; be in a better position to improve the performance of their existing technologies; anticipate potential operating problems in dust and fume control systems and differentiate between the various alternative methods for controlling dust and fumes.


Who should attend
Staff involved in the design, specification, purchasing, operation or maintenance of dust and fume control systems including:

  • Production managers
  • Project engineers
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Purchasing staff
  • Engineering managers
  • Consulting engineers
  • Plant engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Environmental Officers


Valuable seminar documentation

  • A comprehensive technical manual
  • Australian industry capability directory in dust and fume control technologies.


Certificate presentation
Every delegate at this seminar will be awarded a certificate to acknowledge their participation in the full program.


Networking opportunity
This seminar provides an exceptional opportunity for making the contacts which are an important part of business success. Find out how other companies handle dust and fume control problems.


Case study workshops
Speakers will discuss issues and concerns in dust and fume control technology raised by participants during case study sessions.


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