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May 2012

Industry Event Reminder

You Are Invited to attend the Dust & Fume Control Technologies Dust and Fume Control Technologies Seminar For Improved Decision Making in the Control and Management of Dust and Air Emissions - Surfers Paradise, Queensland, 30th & 31st May 201

The Need
Plant owners and operators need to ensure effective specification and installation of dust and fume control equipment and follow this through with professional maintenance of the equipment. This is particularly important in view of the on-going priority of ensuring cost effective compliance with air pollution control regulations, and due to the increasing pressures on employers to maintain healthy workplaces as part of OHS regulations.

The Solution
The APCEMA Dust and Fume Control seminar is now in its 22nd successful year and has been developed to assist organisations who use dust and fume control equipment to identify techniques that can promote increased cost effectiveness in the installation, modification and maintenance of the technologies. It also reviews techniques to help improve the environmental aspects of employee working conditions and the external environment.

The Program
The program is particularly relevant to manufacturing, process, chemical, food and power generation industries. It is delivered by respected industry experts within the membership of APCEMA who have extensive experience in providing advice to businesses on a wide range of dust and fume control issues. Importantly, the program will update your knowledge base on the latest developments in dust and fume control technologies, and enable you to:

  • Review current and projected developments in the regulatory environment
  • Become more familiar with control options for resolving dust and fume control issues
  • Gain increased insights into how to improve the performance of existing technologies
  • Achieve a higher potential to improve operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Better assess proposals for solutions to specific problems

Further Sources of Information

Who We Are

The Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia (APCEMA) is the national body representing the interests of companies involved in the dust and fume control industry.

APCEMA was formed in May 1987 with the primary purpose of providing a technical expertise resource for governments and industry and enhancing the skills of designers, users and specifiers of air pollution control equipment.

APCEMA is backed by the full resources of the Australian Industry Group, Australia's largest industry employer association. Its membership includes leading manufacturers and suppliers of process and environmental air filtration and associated hardware.

APCEMA provides three categories of membership and works closely with the Australian Industry Group to expand the range of services on offer to members, Membership categories are: full membership for dust and fume control equipment manufacturers and service providers; corporate membership for public sector agencies/utilities, educational institutions and research organisations and; student membership.

For further information, please contact David Richardson, Executive Officer, APCEMA on (02) 94665566.

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