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CMC Technologies Pty Limited

Website: www.cmctechnologies.com.au

Address: Unit 19, 77 Bourke Road Alexandria NSW 2015

Telephone: 61 2 9669 4000 or 0412 444 234

Facsimile: 61 2 96694111

Email: carpis@cmctechnologies.com.au


CMC Technologies Pty Limited offer the following services.  
  Air Pollution monitoring Ambient/atmospheric emissions, meteorological measurement, data acquisition systems, remote sensing, radiation monitoring  
  Gas monitors  
Other components  
  Associated equipment (Gas explosion venting, ducting, hoods, dampers, fans, blowers)  
  Gas and Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection Systems  


Structure Details

Year Established: 1999

Number of Employees: 7



Con Carpis - Chemical Engineer - Managing Director.
Phone: 0412 444 234

Mrs Maria Carpis - Accounts and Administration Manager.
Phone: 02 9669 4000


Product Range

CMC Technologies markets a range of industrial products in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, including Rupture disks,bursting discs,explosion vents/panels/doors, indoor explosion vents, spark and ember detection/extinguishing, flame arresters,sight glass fittings,mechanically pre-stressed (fused) sight glasses, tempered sight glass discs, luminaires/lights & cameras for procees vessels, Differential Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Switches, Backflow Prevention Test Kits, Pressure Limiting Valves, Gauge Snubbers, Averaging Pitot Tubes/ Delta Tubes / Annubars,Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Vortex Flowmeters and many other Flow Measurement Instrumentation, Application Air Dryers,Dessicant Air Dryers and Coalescing Filters.

CMC Technologies are agents for leading technologies and represent the following product lines:

BRILEX - Explosion vents/panels NEW - INDOOR EXPLOSION VENTING DEVICES - single section, special shape designs and sensors. Sanitary and Aseptic optional., stocked panels available.

THORWESTEN VENT - Air cushion explosion doors, explosion diverters, pressure shock resistant silo designs, coal grinding plant applications for explosion protection.

T and B ELECTRONIC - spark and ember detection and extinguishing systems

ELMAC/KNITMESH - Flame arresters - In line and end of line - gauze and crimped metal ribbon designs for deflagration and detonation conditions.

MARSTON - Division of Safety Systems Uk - Rupture Disks - metal and graphite. Scored reverse buckling and Tension Loaded FULL RANGE. Safety heads insert and pre-torque. Burst disk sensors, monitors, heat shields and accessories.

MARVAC - Division of Safety Systems Uk - pressure vacuum valves , emergency vents and relief valves. SAFETY FIRST TECHNOLOGY- Pressure relief - pressure -vacuum valves - sanitary and general process

FH PAPENMEIER - LUMIGLAS(tm) - sight glasses and process lighting/visual control. Sight glass fittings, sight glass discs. Luminaries/vessel lights (Non Ex) and (Ex). New - Ex - Cameras.

HERBERTS INDUSTRIEGLAS - METAGLAS(tm) - Mechanically pre-stressed sight windows/glasses - fused borosilicate or sodalime glass to metal. Explosion and impact resistant.

LJ STAR INC - Visual Flow Products - sight flow indicators, lighting - fibre optic, magnetic level gauges

ViISILUME - Visual Flow indicators

BBS SYSTEMS - sterile visual flow indicators and sanitary valves and accessories.

MID-WEST INSTRUMENT - Differential pressure gauges and switches, piston, diaphragm, bellows and bourdon tube designs. DP test kits and backflow prevention test kits. Delta-Tubes with flow dial DP gauges or packaged with transmitters and accessories, Pulsation dampeners/snubbers and pressure limiting valves.

READING TECHNOLOGIES INC - Filter/dryers and coalesces for elimination of water, dirt and oil from compressed air systems.

SENSOCON - Low Range Differential Pressure Gauges and Transmitters - Dust collector applications ideal.

FLOW MEASUREMENT (www.smartmeasurement.com) INSTRUMENTATION - full range - thermal mass flow, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, coriolis, target, oval and roots gear, turbine, oscillating piston, venturi, averaging pitot, orifice plate and other primary flow elements, TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY DATA LOGGERS - wireless and general.

ELDRIDGE PRODUCTS Inc - Thermal Mass Flow Meters

DELTA M - Thermal Mass Flow Switches

ALIA - Electromagnetic Flow Meters


Export Activities

CMC Technologies exports products to New Zealand and all countries in South East Asia.


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