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PTronik Pty Ltd

Website: www.ptronik.com

Address: 17 Windsor Street Richmond NSW 2753

Postal Address: 17 Windsor Street Richmond NSW 2753

Telephone: 02 4578 9611

Facsimile: 02-4578 9622

Email: sales@ptronik.com


PTronik Pty Ltd offer the following services.  
Dust and fume control  
  Fabric filters (Pulse Jet, Shaker, Reverse Air)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units
  Rebuild existing units  
  Supply replacement filter bags  
  Supply replacement cages  
  Supply cleaning systems  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
  Electrostatic Precipitators (wet and dry types)  
  Consultancy services  
  Air Pollution monitoring Ambient/atmospheric emissions, meteorological measurement, data acquisition systems, remote sensing, radiation monitoring  
  Dust emission monitors  
  Workplace testing  


Company Capabilities Statement

Ptronik is an Australian owned and operated electronics engineering company focused on the design, manufacture and supply of high efficiency process optimisation solutions for industrial air filtration and dust collection. We manufacture and supply a wide range of products; from simple timers and pulse controllers for manufacturers of industrial dust collection equipment to highly effective remote monitoring and control solutions designed for retro fitting to existing operations.

PTronik customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers who incorporate our products into their new build dust collector installations and a diverse range of 'dust generating' industries including; mining, pharmaceuticals, timber, construction and engineering. Ptronik customers share a common goal to improve the economic and environmental performance of their businesses. 

PTronik also engineers customised industrial plant monitoring and control solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Ptronik has supplied its products all over Australia, New Zealand and to more than 26 countries worldwide.

Sequential Timers
PTronik designs manufactures and supplies a broad range of sequential timers used to drive the reverse pulsing in dust collectors.
The E6 and E10 series have Broken Bag Detection facilities.

Process Controllers
Where most baghouse dust collectors rely on pulse cleaning processes to maintain plant efficiency, PTronik’s high performance process controllers accurately measure plant performance and based on those measurements manage the number of pulse cleaning cycles required to optimise baghouse productivity.

PTronik controllers can be installed as a retrofit addition to an existing dust collector or as an OEM component within new baghouse dust collectors.

Enclosures, Valves & Sensors
A broad range of enclosures, including Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, EXtD and DIP are available. We offer advice for housing in specialist environments is offered.

Solenoid Valves 24VDC or 240VAC are available ex-stock. They can be fitted or supplied loose. 

A range of digital or analogue SENSORS and process control components are available from stock.
Specialist Systems
PTronik designs develops and supplies a number of specialist systems applications for the control and management of dust collection in environments such as Spray Booth, Abrasive Cleaning, Fan/Shaker, Reverse Flow and Rapper Dust Collector systems. PTronik Specialist Systems.
Custom Applications
PTronik designs and develops customised process control solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. Recent installations include a total process control unit for hazardous area abrasive blasting and a dust collector controller for lead acid battery processing plant.
De-listed products
As a special service to our customers, PTronik continues to maintain a small stock of out of production and or legacy components.


Structure Details

Year Established: 1979

Number of Employees: 10

Quality Assurance:
ISO 9001:2008



Robert Bosshard - Managing Director.
Phone: 02 4578 9611

Megan Bosshard - Business Manager.
Phone: 02 4578 9611


Product Range

We offer a wide range of range of solid state controllers Monitoring and Control solutions.

- Advanced controllers for REMOTE monitoring & Control
- Timers
- On Demand Controllers
- Pressure sensors
- Dust Sensors
- Fan Shakers
- Blast Control board with Short Circuit protection

Retrofit to existing Dust Collectors or install with your new Dust collector. In addition we provide a specialist custom design and development service for process monitor and control applications.


Export Activities

Asia, North America


Further Information

Build and supply Spray Booth controllers

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