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Fume & Dust Control Pty Ltd

Website: www.fumeanddust.com.au


Telephone: 07 3388 1131

Facsimile: 07 3806 0875

Email: sales@fumeanddust.com.au


Fume & Dust Control Pty Ltd offer the following services.  
Dust and fume control  
  Fabric filters (Pulse Jet, Shaker, Reverse Air)  
  Supply replacement filter bags  
  Supply replacement cages  
  Supply cleaning systems  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
  Cyclonic collectors (Multiclones, cyclones)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units  
  Supply replacement parts  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
Other components  
  Associated equipment (Gas explosion venting, ducting, hoods, dampers, fans, blowers)  
  Ducting, hooding and dampers  
  Fans and blowers  


Company Capabilities Statement

FUME & DUST CONTROL can handle all your fume and dust extraction requirements from small installations to large turnkey projects.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products at a reasonable cost to our customers. Our main products include Nederman,  AirEng Fans and Filtermist.

FUME & DUST CONTROL Pty Ltd are proud to be an Australian owned company who supply the Queensland market.




David Morton - Managing Director.
Phone: 07 3388 1131


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