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Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

Website: www.donaldson.com

Address: 1 Lucca Road Wyong NSW 2259

Postal Address: PO Box 153 Wyong NSW, 2259

Telephone: (02) 4350 2000

Facsimile: (02) 4351 2036

Email: customer.service.australia@donaldson.com


Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd offer the following services.  
Dust and fume control  
  Fabric filters (Pulse Jet, Shaker, Reverse Air)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units
  Rebuild existing units  
  Supply replacement filter bags  
  Supply cleaning systems  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
  Cyclonic collectors (Multiclones, cyclones)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units  
  Supply replacement parts  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  


Company Capabilities Statement

Donaldson is a leader in the dust filtration industry providing a comprehensive range of collection systems that cost-effectively enhance productivity and manufacturing efficiency for metalworking, mist, processing, powder, grain, nut, cement, and woodworking applications. 


Structure Details

Year Established: 1966

Number of Employees: 200



Donna Curl - General Manager - IFS.
Phone: (02) 4350 2000


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