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United Air Specialists

Website: www.uasaust.com

Division Of: Member of Whyte-Hall (Australia) Pty Ltd Group

Address: 15 Bullecourt Avenue Milperra 2214

Postal Address: GPO Box 4707 Milperra 1891

Telephone: (61 2) 9792 4677

Facsimile: (61 2) 9792 4655

Email: uasaust.bob@bigpond.com


United Air Specialists offer the following services.  
Dust and fume control  
  Fabric filters (Pulse Jet, Shaker, Reverse Air)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units
  Rebuild existing units  
  Supply replacement filter bags  
  Supply replacement cages  
  Supply cleaning systems  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
  Electrostatic Precipitators (wet and dry types)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units  
  Rebuild existing units  
  Supply replacement parts  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
  Gas Scrubbers  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  
  Cyclonic collectors (Multiclones, cyclones)  
  Design, Supply and manufacture new units  
  Supply replacement parts  
  Consultancy services  
  Maintenance services  


Company Capabilities Statement

United Air Specialists has for the past 20 years provided dust, fume and vacuum solutions to air quality problems by designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing air cleaning and vacuum systems.

A leader in the industrial market place, UAS offers a diverse product range capable of meeting or exceeding OH&S and EPA requirements. In addition to strong performance, UAS backs its products with ISO 9001.


Structure Details

Year Established: 1984



Robert McRae - Managing Director.

David Roberts - Sales Manager.


Other Branches:
Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane


Product Range

Smokeeter Commercial Air Cleaners effectively remove tobacco smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria and other contaminants from the air, improving the comfort of the work or leisure environment. Smokeeters are the perfect solution for the smoker/non-smoker controversy. Smokeeter is sold to commercial establishments including offices, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and health care facilities.

Smog-Hog and Dust-Cat Industrial Air Cleaning Systems reduce airborne contaminants that are caused by a variety of industrial processes. Smog-Hog and Dust-Cat Systems capture respirable fraction particles (those most damaging to the lungs), which results in a safer and healthier workplace. Both systems reduce energy costs by recirculating the clean air back into the plant. Applications include collecting welding and oil smoke, grinding dust, machining plastics, metalworking process contaminants, etc. Optional state of the art cleaning systems are available for SMOG-HOG units, thus greatly reducing the need for manual cleaning.

Smog-Hog Air Pollution Control Systems reduce airborne particulate caused by a wide range of industrial processes before they are emitted into the outside atmosphere. SMOG-HOG Air Pollution Control Systems are more effective in capturing sub-micron particulate at an operating cost far less than any other type of emission control device. Applications include collecting contaminants from plastics manufacturing, rubber-curing, heat-set printing, forging, textile finishing, food processing, etc. All systems can be guaranteed to meet all applicable environmental codes in effect at the time of installation. For applications which require totally pre-packaged units, cleaning systems, heat recovery and pre-cooling devices are also available.

DUST-HOG Dust Collection Systems effectively remove dust generated from a variety of industrial processes. Applications include woodworking, plastic processing, metalworking, blast rooms, powder paint, and bulk powders. All systems are guaranteed to meet applicable OSHA regulations at the time of installation.

TEMP-X-CHANGER Energy Recovery Systems recover energy normally lost through process or ventilation exhaust and return it in the form of heated make-up air. The heated make-up air can be utilised as comfort heat in a commercial or plant environment or it can be returned directly to the manufacturing process. By reusing this recovered heat for comfort or process make-up air, total energy consumption is reduced significantly.

FLASH-HOG transparent safety welding screens for the protection of personnel from the reflective glare from the welding process. UAS supplies both fixed and mobile welding screens along with curtains complying to Australian Standard AS3957-1991 and New Zealand NZS 5852-1991.

SMOG-ROVA/EXTRACTA-HOG The mobile fume extractors you can locate anywhere in the factory. The Smog-Rova unit offers proven efficiency of 2 stage electrostatic air filtration in a mobile unit that operates from any 240/415V mains supply. Extracta-Hog offers the same features as the Smog-Rova but uses different filter media in a mobile unit. Both units can operate with one or two Articulated Extractor arms up to 3.2 metres long.

MILTON INDUSTRIAL WASHING MACHINES The "Milton" cleaning tanks have been widely used by industry since their inception in 1965. In a wide range of sizes, they cover washing applications varying from as small as spark plugs to as large as electric train drive engines.

BVC INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANERS A full range of vacuums from the small CV7 with its triple filtration system to HEPA standards (99.997% of 0.6 microns) through to the powerful bottom emptying HVB75 for heavy industrial applications.

BVC EXHAUSTERS/BLOWERS One of four basic types of air movers commonly used throughout industry, the multi-stage centrifugal exhauster/blower can be used to provide either positive (blower or negative (exhauster) air pressures. Unlike the output of a compressor, this air is both clean and dry, making it ideal for applications where product hygiene is paramount (e.g. Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries).

SIDE CHANNEL BLOWERS UAS offers a full range of side channel blowers which are oil free, continuously rated and low noise. The range covers units from 3m3/hr to 600m3/hr volume.


Domestic Activities

United Air Specialists services the mining, sugar, food, pharmaceutical, as well as educational institutions and general industries.

United Air Specialists operate in Sydney and have agents in Wollongong, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.


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