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Stephenson Environmental

Website: www.stephensonenv.com.au

Address: Newington Business Park Unit 7, 2 Holker Street Newington NSW 2177

Telephone: (61 2) 9737 9991

Facsimile: (61 2) 9737 9993


Stephenson Environmental offer the following services.  
Dust and fume control  
  Fabric filters (Pulse Jet, Shaker, Reverse Air)  
  Consultancy services  
  Electrostatic Precipitators (wet and dry types)  
  Consultancy services  
  Gas Scrubbers  
  Consultancy services  
  Cyclonic collectors (Multiclones, cyclones)  
  Consultancy services  
Gas and Odour control
  Gas Scrubbers (flue gas desulphurisation, non catalytic reactors, chemical absorption, membrane separation, flares)  
  Consultancy services  
  Odour Control (Neutralisation, encapsulants, bio-filters, atomising units, organic ionic diapolar compounds, fogging)  
  Consultancy services  
  Vapour Recovery Processing (VOC Adsorption, sulphur recovery units, cryogenic distillation, regenerative thermal oxidisers)  
  Consultancy services  
  Thermal Oxidisers (Afterburners, Catalytic TO, Regenerative TO (RTO's), Flares)  
  Consultancy services  
  Air Pollution monitoring Ambient/atmospheric emissions, meteorological measurement, data acquisition systems, remote sensing, radiation monitoring  
  Stack testing and emission monitoring technology  
  Workplace testing  


Company Capabilities Statement

Stephenson Environmental Management Australia was established in 1983 by Peter Stephenson & Margot Kimber. Peter, the Principal Consultant and Managing Director, with qualifications in biochemistry and industrial engineering has worked in the field of industrial pollution control, environmental management and laboratory analysis for 29 years.

Peter Stephenson is an original member of the Standards Association of Australia CH19/1 Committee preparing Standards for stationary source emission testing; Secretary and a founder member of the Training Activities Committee of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (1984 - 1997); and is a foundation member of the Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association (APCEMA). Peter is also a member of the Commonwealth NGO National Environment Protection Measures Consultive Group and is on the University or New South Wales Institute of Environmental Studies Advisory Committee.

Peter Stephenson has presented papers at conferences throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. He lectures extensively at training courses and seminars in Australia and South East Asia, and is a regular lecturer at the University of Western Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building on issues relating to environmental management in the built environment.

Margot Kimber, with 23 years experience in the fields of publishing and consulting, co-ordinates the reporting of all projects undertaken by Stephenson Environmental Management Australia.

A regular lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney in Environmental Communications, Margot also has written training and course materials for the Department of School Education, NSW.

Staff: The company team of highly qualified scientists and designers who are internationally trained in all core fields of environmental management, respond rapidly to clients' requirements and deliver a total turnkey operation. This dynamic flexible structure and the latest technology has established the reputation of Stephenson Environmental Management Australia as a provider to clients of an excellent service in air quality, odour, noise and waste water management. Technology currently owned and operated by the company includes:

  • Electronic instrumental analysis systems housed in five mobile laboratories supplying instant on-site printouts;
  • Odour analysis in accordance with Australian Standards;
  • Personal samplers for workplace monitoring.


Structure Details

Year Established: 1983

Number of Employees: 12

Quality Assurance:
Quality Management System meets the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001/1994 documented in the Company's Quality Manual, Laboratory Quality manual and Methods Manual.



Peter W Stephenson - Managing Director.

Margot E Kimber - Company Secretary & Director.


Other Branches:
Head Office Sydney
Branch offices, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth.


Product Range

Stephenson Environmental Management Australia provide independent consulting services in environmental management, and are considered an Australian leader in air quality management.
Services include:

  • Emissions to atmosphere - stack, ambient, air toxics and odour, (LBL & NPI).
  • Airborne occupational health contaminants (workplace) including asbestos fibres.
  • Indoor air quality.
  • Industrial wastewater monitoring.
  • Industrial and environmental noise.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Environmental audits.
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS & EMP).


Domestic Activities

The head office, central laboratory and mobile laboratories are based in Sydney.

The mobile laboratories can be transported throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Export Activities

International activities are controlled from Sydney.


Project Overview


FAC - Federal Airport Corporation
Air Quality Management Studies
Air Quality Inventory
Air Quality Management Plan
Sydney Airport


RTA - Roads & Traffic Authority
Air Impact Assessment
Air Quality Studies

Waste Service NSW
Odour and Organics Impact assessment and management associated with Liquid Waste Processing.


Upgrade of Coffs Harbour Regional Airport Air Quality and Health impacts

City of Botany Bay
Regional Air Quality Assessment programme
Consultation advice regarding Air Quality

North Sydney, South Sydney and Municipal Councils
Management of odour, dust and Toxic Hazards in the built environment


ACI Glass Packaging, Australia and Malaysia
Air Quality Monitoring at glass manufacturing sites in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Malaysia.

Cogeneration projects in NSW and Victoria
Sampling and analysis of emissions to determine the environmental impact of proposed cogeneration Plant.

ARA - Australian Refined Alloys
Continuous testing of ambient dust, stack emissions and workplace environment.

Baulderstone Hornibrook Engineering
Air Quality Monitoring during construction of the Western Link, Melbourne VIC; Parallel Runway, Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney; Cross City Tunnel Project, Sydney, NSW.

Bunge Meat Industries, NSW & VIC
Monitoring, Analysis and Control of Odour Emissions from agribusiness.

Colgate Palmolive
Management of Odour Particulate and Organic Emissions from detergent manufacture.

Wesfarmers - CSBP, WA
Monitoring and Management of a range of Emissions from various plants associated with fertiliser and acids manufacture.


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